Asphalt automatic mixing machine BH-20

Asphalt automatic mixing machine BH-20

Asphalt automatic mixing machine BH-20

Asphalt automatic mixing machine BH-20.jpg

1. features

1.1 high speed single chip and CMOS integrated circuit design, reliable limit stroke functions, stepless pressure regulation and temperature control, accurate built-in PID temperature control functions.

1.2 special PID adjusting, temperature control accuracy can be ±3 and temperature fluctuate is less than ±1.5 when temperature control is opened after 40 minutes.

1.3 The unique adjustable temperature compensation function avoids the phenomenon of low pot temperature caused by temperature measurement points not reflecting the actual temperature.

1.4 after press “start” button, the machine will auto running, not need to raise and down manually.

1.5 Oil bath heating, uniform temperature, accurate temperature control, high Factor of safety

1.6 Ball screw lifting component with low noise and smooth operation

1.7 High resolution LCD display screen, clearly displaying the test status and information, and the display screen prompts the operation steps

1.8 Built in expert PID Self-tuning function, which can automatically optimize the temperature control parameters to the best state

1.9 After the heating pot has traveled half a distance, it stops and waits for the operator to use tools to clean up the remaining mixture of the mixing paddle. The descent will be delayed and the instrument operation in this process does not require manual intervention

2. Main technical parameters

2.1 Mixing capacity: 20 liters

2.2 Temperature range of heating pot: room temperature~250 (arbitrary setting)

2.3 Temperature control accuracy: ± 2

2.4 Mixing time: 1-999 seconds (any setting)

2.5 Mixing paddle speed: 45 ± 5 revolutions per minute; Rotation 75 ± 5 rpm

2.6 Overall dimensions: 1220x620x1320mm

2.7 Weight: 236kg

2.8 Power supply voltage: AC220V, 50Hz

2.9 Total power: 3600W

2.10 Environmental temperature: 5-40

2.11 Environmental humidity: 85%