WAL-5000KN computerized hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine

Test types: tension test for steel rod, wire rope, steel wire, steel strand, chain or other samples required by client
Application field: construction and building industries, metallurgical industry, transportation industry, energy resources industry, scientific research unit, college and universities, quality inspection center, commodity inspection department, etc.

1. Applications

Test types: tension test for steel rod, wire rope, steel wire, steel strand, chain or other samples required by client


Application field: construction and building industries, metallurgical industry, transportation industry, energy resources industry, scientific research unit, college and universities, quality inspection center, commodity inspection department, etc.


2. Introductions of the machine

l  Adopt frame structure, hydraulic loading, test force is loaded via single rod double acting piston cylinder.


l  Double pump structure of hydraulic working stations, one is low pressure pump with large flow for quick feeding of piston, the other one is gear pump with high pressure


l  Buffering functions at break for hydraulic station. The hydraulic station will auto release oil pressure in hydraulic system at the time sample breaks to protect the machine.


l  Tightening mechanism is used on back grips. At the beginning of the test, the grips will tight test sample with tightening mechanism, especially for long samples like hanging belt, nylon rope, etc, and auto stop when reach set original force value and then start formal tension test. This tightening mechanism can improve the working efficiency for long test sample with long elongation.


l  Equip with hydraulic protecting cover, close and open of the protecting cover is hydraulic control, easy and convenient to operate.


l  Computer test software display test force and piston displacement in real time and has functions of auto analyze, process and save test result. Printer is equipped for printing required test report.


l  High rigid of main loading frame, small deformation during test, adjusting test space for test sample with different length.


l  Adopt closed loop control to drive electro-hydraulic servo control system, computer software control multi-grade hydraulic loading. It loads stably and continuously and has functions of force maintaining, auto collecting test data and display test curves.

3. technical specifications

Force capacity


Frame structure

Single rod double acting cylinder frame

Loading speed


Operating height for test


Control mode

Computerized electro-hydraulic servo control

Test type

Tension test in ambient temperature

Over load protecting

105% of force capacity

Accuracy of force indicating

Better than ±1%

Resolution of force

1/500000 in whole capacity

Force measuring range


Accuracy of force control

Better than ±1%

Accuracy of stress control

Better than ±1%

Accuracy of displacement control

Better than ±1%

Resolution of displacement


Accuracy of displacement speed

Better than ±0.5%

Moving speed of piston


Stroke of piston


Max. tension length

10000mm (can be shorter or longer)

Max. compression space


Interval for tension space adjusting


Width for tension test(distance between two columns)


Center height for tension test


Motor power